this show is incredible


and in that moment, everyone’s heart broke.

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one time i helped skip but he chased me out so i threw potatoes at him

he was all I WANT STEAK

and im like dude potatoes are a rare mob drop whats tha matter with you

so to help him out with the kindness of my heart i filled his house with potatoes


Dancing meme young n free only 17

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me listening to lana del rey

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finally my search is for this gifset is over

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Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

oh my GOD that took me forever!

hope you like it :D


six selfies of varying hair

It was stormy and pretty here today

1. Don’t let someone else make you feel like you’re no one.
2. You can be cruel, but you can be selfless too.
3. If someone cheats on you, don’t you dare let them stick around.
4. Being drunk, high, or otherwise inebriated is not an excuse.
5. You shouldn’t have to deal with being ignored, always having to message them first, or being subjected to intense, unjustifed anger.
6. The decisions they make are theirs. If they get drunk, self-harm, threaten suicide - that is not your choice.
7. Escaping abuse is not the same thing as abandonment.
8. Sometimes it’s necessary to burn bridges.
9. It’s okay to speak out against what’s happened. Sometimes you need that support.
10. Everyone is, to some level, a hypocrite. That doesn’t mean that it’s healthy.
11. There are different kinds of abuse.
12. Stop checking their tumblr or facebook or twitter.
13. Sometimes you miss people that don’t miss you.
14. People who won’t hear you out, give you time to answer, or forgive you aren’t worth it.
15. Learn to ignore their victim complex and get over yourself instead.
16. You are not obligated to keep forgiving someone for all the times they haven’t forgiven you.
17. You are going to be okay.
—Things my friends told me that I should’ve known sooner (via emecay)

looking-forwifi isn’t home but her dog is so I mean it works out okay



whoa can we just talk about this game

I played it for like 5 hours last night

it’s a flash platforming game with a philosophical dilemma at the end of each level, which is essentially the coolest thing ever

it keeps track of your answers and at the end plots you on a graph with a bunch of famous thinkers/historical figures (I ended up nearest amelia earhart, go figure I did like 15 book reports on her in elementary school) and lets you know what type of thinker you are

I also thought the avatar creator was pretty cool because it doesn’t explicitly force you to pick boy or girl

the controls are a little janky but overall I thought the level design was really nice and the last few levels manage to be both fun and challenging

good game. would recommend. you should be playing this

This game is amazing everyone should play it at least once.

And if your a writer play it as your character its really interesting.